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Staying anonymous

isn't easy these days...

We can help you fly under the radar...

You can use your personal wallet,

your hardware wallet

or just deposit directly

from your favorite exchange.


Determine your deposit (minimum 2.5 ETH - maximum 250 ETH)

only enter the wallet (NO URLS!)

We'll start the mixing process now.

Keep an eye on your freshly provided wallet (step 1) in about 12 hours.

Why mixing your ETHEREUM?

Wallets are public

Everybody can see your transactions.

Blank slate

Sometime we want to start over. With a blank slate.


Your new wallet will be funded by a number of unknown wallets. Not linking to your previous 'unmixed' wallet

Small fee

We only charge a 1,5 percent fee based on the total of your deposit. Not expensive for staying anonymous.

  • How does it work?
    We use newly generated wallets for you to transfer the 'to be mixed funds' into. When receiving the funds (we charge a 1,5 percent ETH fee), we go to work & start using other verified ETH from different exchanges to begin the mixing process. We have processingdelay (at most 12 hours when your funds are received) and we will send you a confirmation email to confirm that your mixed funds have been send out to your destination wallet.
  • Why do you use a form?
    To guarantee a fast follow up, we ask your destination wallet but also your mailadress to provide us with the tx of the succeeded transfer. No use in waiting for transfers that did not use enough gas. This way we get notified when to start mixing but can also confirm with you when your ETH has been cleansed. Also, using this method, we skip the process of you receiving a personal 'claim note' that you can lose while waiting for your funds to be mixed. Leave it to us after sending the tx!
  • Is this really anonymous?
    Yes. The emailadress provided is only stored on our server for the duration of request, the mixing & confirmation - after that, we delete the info because it is not needed anymore. We suggest using protonmail if you are worried about privacy ;-).
  • How many ETH can I mix?
    Off course we need to set a minimum to start mixing. That minimum is 2.5 ETH and the maximum is 250 ETH. Too large volumes of ETH are off course more difficult to cleanse and will attract unwanted attention, that is why we set the limit of 250 ETH.
  • Do you charge a large fee?
    According to us: no. The fee of 1.5 percent calculated on the amount of ETH you want to mix doesn't seem very expensive to us, since your privacy is at stake. If you want to cleanse 25 ETH for example, be aware that we need to receive 25,375 ETH / (1.5 percent ETH fee included).
  • Why mixing ETH?
    Privacy is the most important one. Many addresses get 'watched' on etherscan, especially those accumulating / transferring larger amounts of cryptocurrency. To get a fresh start, many of us prefer a blank slate.
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